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Abdominal Surgery
Abdominal surgery is a treatment which refers to any surgical operation on abdominal organs.
Abortion/medical Termination Of Pregnancy - Mtp
Abortion or medical termination of pregnancy is a medical abortion procedure done in first five or 9 weeks.
Acne/pimples Treatment
Don't shy away from the mirror! We provide acne and pimples treatment at cost effective prices.
Acute Diarrhea Treatment
Owing to our massive knowledge and understanding, we are able to provide best treatment for acute diarrhea.
Acute Kidney Infections
We have a team of experts to provide acute kidney infections treatment which include antibiotics and fluids.
Acute Kidney Injury
In acute kidney injury your kidney cannot filet waste from your blood and can also cause renal failure.
Acute Pancreatitis Treatment
We have professional and trained doctors who diagnose and provide the best treatment for pancreatitis.
Acute Renal Failure
Consult our experienced nephrologist for reliable treatment at rates which are reasonable. Call for details.
Adolescent Medicine
Adolescent medicines deals with a wide variety of medicine that are for care and treatment of adolescence.
Adult Nephrology
Adult nephrology deals with normal working of kidneys as well as diseases. Contact us for more details.
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We, Leelawati Hospital, situated at Ulhasnagar No 4, Thane, Maharashtra provide comprehensive multispecialty healthcare services under one roof. We are committed to providing high quality value focused comprehensive healthcare services. We have an unwavering commitment towards medical ethics. We have well qualified experienced doctors and trained staff ensure high levels of service quality. So book an appointment today for a healthier tomorrow. 
They helped me a lot thorough out my pregnancy. Cant that enough.
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